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Living in 2004

...and maybe a little 2005.

D E S I G N E R whores
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"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girls best friend...Tiffany's, Cartier..Black Star, Ross Cole!"
From Jewlery and Handbags to Hats and Clothing ; Dooney and Burke and Tiffany's to Von Dutch and Juicy..we love it ALL. This is a place where all loves of Designers of all kinds can come together and discuss everything we love. This is a place where you are free to post pictures, adds, comentary, questions and any and all things to do with Designers and Socialites that wear those designers. We're in the prime of our life and it's time to live it up! Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just for the sake of getting to know one another, when joining the community, please post with the survey below, and of course anything else you would like to say.

Favorite Clothing Brand:
Favorite Handbag Brand:
Favorite Jewlery Brand:
Socialite you dress most like:
Socialite you'd give anything to trade places with for a day:
Who [[ to you ]] is the ultimate Fashion Icon?:
Anything else?:

Any other questions or comments you may have, feel free to e-mail the mods..either : Designerwhore@gmail.com or Hollywoodsocialite@gmail.com. Thanks. LOVES IT!